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We thank all of our clients for their continued business relationship and look forward to many more years of providing top quality Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services. For over 40 years, we have built an outstanding reputation as an industry leader in all facets of site planning, civil engineering and surveying.


Our team of Registered Professional Land Surveyors, Project Surveyors, Chiefs-of-Party, Instrument Operators and Computer/CADD Operators are experienced in all types of surveying projects. These professionals work with the latest equipment in the field and office including GPS, robotic total stations, and electronic data collectors which can be downloaded directly to our new high speed computers to provide fast, accurate and true “field to finish” plans of the survey data. From the data obtained in the field survey the surveyors and CADD operators prepare property line, topographical, wetlands, and other types of plans as required by each project. Browse our site to see more specific details on our survey experiences and capabilities. You may contact us from a link on any page and set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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Our Registered Professional Civil Engineers, Engineering Technicians and Consultants evaluate each and every project (big or small) and prepare the most cost effective, compliant design, prepare reports, consult and follow through the regulatory permitting.  We provide representation before local, state and other agencies in order for you to obtain the permits for your project or solve your problem. Review of our site will provide you with more specific information on the different types of services that are provided. Contact us for a free consultation.

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In these times environmental issues can become a large part of many projects. Our experienced staff is familiar with the myriad of environmental laws, rules and regulations. They are familiar with the latest forms, applications and procedures that need to be completed in order for you to either solve a problem or obtain all the necessary approvals that you will need to move forward with your project. After submission of the data to the approving agencies they will represent you and your project at the meetings that are set up to review and permit your project. Browse our site for more specifics on our environmental services and call us for a free consultation on any problem or project that you are undertaking.



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