The staff at Guerriere & Halnon, Inc. will meet with land owners or developers to review their property, prepare feasibility studies and make recommendations on the best use of their property, taking into account: Town zoning and subdivision regulations, any overlay zoning districts such as water resource protection areas, the locations and amounts of any wetlands, the influence of any streams or rivers protected by the Rivers Act, and other limitations to the property, i.e., water tables, topography, ledge, soil conditions, proximity of property to sewer or evaluation of on-site septic systems, and to assist the client in obtaining the necessary permits for development.

Boundary Problems

Our staff of Professional Land Surveyors can consult with a land owner and review their deeds and/or plans and other record information to answer any questions or resolve any issues that they may have pertaining to; the boundaries of the property, the size of the acreage, or any limitations for potential development. We can perform research at the following agencies: County Registry of Deeds, Registry of Probate, Massachusetts Land Court, Highway Department, and other agencies to obtain information on the client’s property, as well as adjoining properties. If there are any problems as to the locations of boundary lines between neighbors or if there is a conflict, then perhaps an agreement line can be established with an adjoiner and necessary survey plans and paperwork can be prepared to resolve boundary disputes. In cases where title to property is a problem or there is a cloud on the title, we can perform a Land Court survey and prepare plans for filing with the Land Court Engineering Department to register the land or to confirm title to the land as of a certain date. Also, any adverse possession claims can be initiated by performing research and consultations about uses of property and time frames, a survey, preparing a plan, showing the land claimed adversely, and filing with the Land Court for adjudication.


Some of the projects where we have provided Civil Engineering, Surveying and Environmental services are represented in the pictures on this site.  Many are a one-time project for a particular client and others, like the Milford Regional Medical Center illustrate various phases of the expansion of the facility including the recently opened Meehan Family Pavilion and new Emergency Department located on Route 140 in Milford, MA.

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